LexiΣ at Expolingua Online

The program of the international trade fair for languages ​​and cultures, Expolingua, which has been operating successfully for 33 years and is now also online, has already been published! This year’s speakers include the Goethe Institute, the Berlin VHS, the Spotlight Verlag and the Instituto Cervantes, the University of Erfurt and the National University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional autónoma de México), the Foreign Office and the Embassy of Portugal in Berlin. Institutions from Russia, the USA, Germany, China, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Malta, Poland, Thailand, France, Belgium, Spain, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Greece are participating. And for the first time we, the LexiΣ Academy, will be there too! Iris Dana will hold an interactive workshop on November 11th, 2021 between 15:45 and 16:15 pm for both teachers and learners on the topic “What kind of learner are you? Neurodidactic Principles” with a quiz and a subsequent competition for all visitors. Get your ticket at and enjoy our workshop and the three-day online fair!

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