Happy and proud news: The Greek Embassy of Berlin supports our project!

We are very happy to announce that the Greek Embassy of Berlin mentioned and promoted our project for Greek learners on their social media! Here you find the post:

Our Greek teacher, mrs. Dora Dana, winner of two awards as an author, has written two books for Greeks who want to find out interesting facts about their history and culture that they may not know as well as for people from all over the world who learn Greek. The first book is on level A2 and the second one on level B1. The second one has also been shot as a movie in the city of Marathon: Μαραθώνια ιστορία – Η ταινία _ Marathonia Istoria – The movie with greek subtitles – YouTube

Both books are available as ebooks, too, and have been recorded, so that you can listen to the texts. Here you can find the samples:

A2: Η παράσταση θα ανέβει…; | Theaterstück mit Übungen für den Griechischunterricht A2 (LexiΣ Academy ) – YouTube

B1: Μαραθώνια ιστορία | Geschichte mit Übungen für den Griechischunterricht B1 (LexiΣ Academy) – YouTube

You can obtain both books in the following places:

on Amazon,:

in Germany in the biggest bookstore Berlins Dussmann Marathonische Geschichte. griechisch Lektüre B1 – Dana, Dora – Dussmann – Das Kulturkaufhaus

in Greece, Athens in the famous bookstore Kaktos Εκδόσεις Κάκτος – Kaktos e-shop ηλεκτρονικό βιβλιοπωλείο | and in the bookstore Vardakis in Marathon behind the museum of Marathon run BOOKSTORE Vardaki Βιβλιοπωλείο Βαρδάκη – Βιβλιοπωλείο στην τοποθεσία Μαραθώνας (

and in Spain, on Ibiza in the bookstore Llibreria Mediterrània Llibreria Mediterrània » IBIZAISLA.ES

We are very happy to announce… – YouTube



The story of the third book, that will soon be out, is taking place on the greek island Syros and is on level B2. It’ s also been made as a movie and will also be recorded for you. Here you can get a first impression:




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